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Tears of Joy Video Team

Why did we name our business  Tears of Joy Video ? Our business deals with memories, and we know how memories can touch the heart.  Each video or storybook we create with our client in view.  We  request their opinions every step of the way.  Our creation is our client’s vision, their memories. When the video or book is finished their memories of happy times come flooding back, along with their 'tears of joy'.  If we don't bring those tears, we haven't done our job right.

Cathie Dodd
Montage Specialist-Owner

I am the younger one of the two Dodd sisters (by 11 months). I am a rare breed, a native Californian; I was born and raised in southern California. I grew up and was inspired by my mom and her family. Most of them were involved in art and music. As a child when people asked me what I wanted to be, I said an artist. Well my drawing ability didn't take me far, but I have always been drawn to anything artistic. I have used different means to show this, crafts, video, photography and lately editing. I find Tears of Joy Video gives me the means to express my art through manipulating people's pictures, video, and adding music and titles, to create their story. I consider each video to be like my canvas and the finished product, my artwork. So I guess I finally am fulfilling my inner child. With the Tears of Joy Video business, I get to be an artist. I thank my customers for helping me realize my dream by letting me create a piece of art for you.

Cathie's Story-Why they started Tears of Joy Video


Juli Dodd
Montage Specialist

Hi I am Juli Dodd. I love to do video montages...why? Because it makes people happy. I remember the first one I ever did one for a friend, we were sitting on the couch and after we were finished watching it, there was dead silence. So I asked them "Did you like it?" and they couldn't even answer me, they were so overcome with emotion! Then they said with tears streaming down their face "like it, we LOVED it!" Of course they were "tears of joy". I look forward to creating many more video montages and bringing more happiness and joy to people; hopefully you are one of them.

Juli's Story-Why they started Tears of Joy Video