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Everyone at the party loved the DVD of Justin (especially Justin) and I want to thank you again for your time and patience with my changes. The end result was perfect.
Mountain View, CA

I wanted a video montage to show at my parents’ 50th anniversary luncheon.  When I came across TOJ’s website and viewed some of their sample videos, I just knew they were the company I wanted to go with.    What I saw was light years better than anything similar I had ever seen.  My only reservation was that I live in New York and TOJ is across the country in San Diego.  However, the distance between us was never an obstacle.  Cathie showed me how to easily convert and upload the photos I wanted directly to TOJ’s website.    And I simply mailed to her the few dusty old slides I couldn’t convert myself.   Within days, Cathie had put together a beautifully-edited first draft of the video, and she posted it to a private link on their website for me to view and request changes to it.  For me, this was the best part of the experience, as it allowed me to truly feel like part of the creative process.  It resulted in a final product exactly as I had envisioned it … much better, actually!  My parents and all of our guests were just blown away!  I strongly recommend TOJ to any one, and wherever they may live! 
Forest Hills, NY 
Thanks again for all of your help with my video--Sylvia really really loved it and it was a great surprise and keepsake for both us! You did such a great and timely job on this and I really appreciate how you went above and beyond to make this just right for us! ~ Scott 

"My parents absolutely LOVED(!!!!!) the photo montage. My mom must have looked at it 20 times over the course of the week. We had a beautiful, healing time together celebrating such a momentous occasion. Thank you so much for making the video so quickly and beautifully. It truly was priceless."

Marjorie Miller-Encinitas, CA

"Thank you so much for creating a wonderful video montage of our baseball season! The DVD you prepared was a huge hit at our awards banquet, and each player took home a lasting memory of a very special season. I'll definitely recommend Cathie and Tears of Joy to my friends!"
Encinitas, CA

"I met Cathie on Twitter just before my 40th wedding anniversary, and she graciously took on my last minute project. We played the video for our kids and it was a hit! Later that year my mom died so I asked Cathie to prepare a video for the memorial. Again, she did a great job. I can't recommend her highly enough."
Hollister, CA

Thanks for your assistance and guidance in creating the video to promote my new ebook! I’m excited to start using it and sharing this information with others. Having my message in video format will help me spread my message quickly!
Meredith Liepelt
Creative Client Attraction™ Strategist & President

Juli made the most beautiful DVD of our son's first year of life. It is something we watch all the time, and it always brings tears to my eyes. The memories come rushing back. It is one of our treasures, and we thank her so very much for her hard work and the beautiful outcome!

Special appreciation to TOJ for working with my client Rick Itzkowich of Productive Learning & Leisure and I on our QuoteActions video. We were looking for a visual way to explain our email marketing service. We'd completed a mindmap, yet wanted more information for the prospect. Cathie picked up on our needs and helped us put together a great introduction video on this unique new service for businesses. Our kudos!
Susan Almon-Pesch, CME
Carlsbad, CA
www.market4profit.com    .

I'm so excited to have found Tears of Joy video! Cathie and the rest of the TOJV team work hard to understand the exact message you want to convey, and pull it all together using the utmost in creativity! Cathie was able to read my book, and put together the perfect marketing video in a very short amount of time. She was easy to work with and right on top of everything. She even posted the video to 
You Tube for me! Talk about Red-Carpet Customer Service.

I'm sure I'll use the services of Tears of Joy video again - for both personal and professional videos - and would highly recommend them to you as well.
Donna Cutting
Author of "The Celebrity Experience: Insider Secrets to Delivering Red-Carpet Customer Service."
http://www.donnacutting.com   .

Cathie, you are AWESOME!!! Thank you soooooo much for all your hard work and your artistic touch with the video you produce for my grandmothers memorial. It truly brought the family together and touched everyones heart. You have a special skill and the whole family thanks you.
Thanks Again
Vern Lovett
San Diego, CA
www.crmfsinc.com/   .

Cathie Dodd produced a simply amazing video simply from her own ideas and vision! I am still amazed with how well this turned out... I have received 11 emails and 4 personal phone calls from people that has seen it and I know we will always use Cathie in the future. I would also like to have her do a seminar for my Group on Facebook in Dec/Jan.
Keep up the great work Cathie!

Bill Miller
http://www.callsolutionsgroup.com/   .

I needed to prepare a video for my parent's surprise retirement party and Cathie with Tears ofJoy came through with flying colors. I also needed a rush job completed and Cathie was there every step of the way making sure I was satisfied and happy with the results. The look on my parents as well as on all our guests was priceless. Thank you !
Orange County

I want to tell you how much my husband and I appreciated your video production to celebrate our daughter's graduation. Lauren is a remarkable young woman and we wanted something special to mark her passing from high school to college and beyond. Your production was far beyond anything we could have put together ourselves, no matter how much we would try. Your video was the high point of the graduation party. Thank you.
Bob and Marlee Reinero

Cathie and Juli Dodd from Tears of Joy Video, have created many family histories for our families, whether it was recreating our annual family reunions in video albums or marching through time in honor of our anniversaries or memorials to our loved ones that are sleeping in death. They have created beautiful memory montages for us, tastefully done, enhanced with appropriate music and verbage. We laugh, we cry, we remember. Juli and Cathie's mother, Jeannine, was our family's historian. She kept all the ute things our children and family members said and did safely in her memory and shared them often with us as an accomplished story teller. Sadly, many of those stories have been lost with her death. But the girls have followed admirably in her steps helping us to document in film and video the continuingfamily history. With their help the memories live on! We very much appreciate the skill, creativity, tenderness and love with which they care for our cherished family memories, both past and present.
Kathie andPaul Akers

I moved away from Southern California after twenty years and my friends threw a going away bash for me. Tears of Joy Video was right there and artfully captured some of my favorite pictures and expressions of people who mean so much to me. I love watching the montage, it is a real heart message! Thanks Tears of Joy for keeping my California family as close as a DVD in my living room despite 2300 miles between us!
Nikki, Ohio.

Just want to let you know how thrilled my mom-in -law is with the DVD...as well as everyone in the family and all the guests at the party. I've seen it about 10 times!
Trish, Del Mar, CA

There was hardly adry eyein the house. Everyone loved it. My dad was so happy!! He kept saying, “Wonderful! Wonderful!” It left him pretty speechless. He had never even seen some of the photos. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this “wonderful” gift!! I am so happy I got to see himenjoy it.

The party was great. I showed the video to Ed, and all of our kids and Ryan's 3 college friends Friday night. Ed was amazed. The kids loved seeing themselves and us when we were younger. His reaction was mouth dropped open , I can't believe this. He loves the video. The audience was in awe too. Then we showed it at the party last night. The friends and neighbors just loved it, we were all laughing and enjoying the songs and memories that it evolked. I got alot of positive feedback and they just loved seeing the early years of Ed and our family. Ed is very pleased, He will probably call and thank you himself.

Tears of Joy created a video montage for my son's wedding rehearsal that helped set the mood for the celebration to follow. Using photos of my son and his fiancée from birth up to their engagement, they used unique transitions to create the wonderful story of two people meant to be soul mates. Family and friends were included in the pictures and enjoyed the montage as much as the parents did. It was the perfect mood setting for the wedding the next day. Tears of Joy added to one of the most special moments in our lives.
Sylvia-Encinitas, CA

The montage was such a hit. Not only were my sister and her husband blown away, but also all the guests at the dinner loved it!! The evening was so special but the montage was definitely the cherry on top. Cathie at Tears of Joy video was a pleasure to work with and fulfilled all of our requests with ease. The montage was done with such class and creativity. Thank you again.
Talya-Del Mar, CA

“I decided to show the slide show immediately after the rehearsal to the close friends and family and because we had very limited time at the reception. Jason definitely had tears in his eyes and quivering lips when he saw it. I have never once seen him cry, but this was the closest I've seen! He was very emotional when watching it. When I told him what the name of your company is he said "well...they definitely stay true to their name!"”
Yasmeen and Jason,Orange County, CA

The wedding was amazing! Thank you again for your wonderful work. One of the guests at therehearsal dinneris an amateur videographer and wanted to know all about you. Angela is tough to read ( she doesn't show a lot of emotion), but I think (and she said) that she really liked the DVD. We showed it on an old fashioned movie screen and the projector could have been better, but everyone was able to see it and there were plenty of oo's and ah's.
PS: Justin loved it!
Karen, La Costa, CA

I loved working with Tears of Joy Video! I have such a beautiful video of my son’s “edited” birth and our first favorite pictures of him! I have watched it over and over and I still get TEARS every time I see it! I treasure it so much. I am able to share it with my friends and family who were not able to be present during that time, and that means so much to them. They all say they wished they had their special events in a video montage like mine. And I tell them that it was so easy…I have this special work of art all just by sending a CD of my favorite pictures and some recordings on a disc and Tears of Joy did the rest! Though I live a distance away - it was no problem for them to work with me. Their expertise and professionalism clearly show. I would recommend them to all who want their memories treasured for a lifetime.
Lisette,San Rafael,CA

I had a video done for my in-laws 50th Wedding anniversary. My mother in-law was nervous about having a video because the family isn't perfect. But who's is? There are divorces and other things that could make people sad or uncomfortable. But the way it was done kept it sweet and upbeat. Everyone at the party thought it was beautiful. It brought tears of joy to all of us. Video montages make a special event even more memorable. And everyone can have a copy to take home with them to cherish forever. It's a must for any big event like that. Thank you Juli and Cathie for putting your heart into everything you do.
Contributed by Kaijah, Murrieta CA

The video was a complete and total hit. There wasn't a dull moment and I owe many many thanks to you! You did such a terrific job with what I gave you and my parents and my entire family couldn't be happier!
Cori W

I just want to say I loved the Video that you created for us! It was absolutely beautiful. It is wonderful to have such vivid memories of our awesome trip to Costa Rica. It was wonderful visiting our daughter and son-in-law in the special volunteer work they had a part in. The Video has let us grab hold of the wonderful memories of the trip, and we enjoy reliving the trip over and over again! Thanks to tears of Joy Video you made a trip last a lifetime!
Thanks again,
Carmela and Neil, Encinitas, CA

“We loved our video. We watched it on Christmas Morning as a family. There were definitely Tears of Joy.”
Dan & Nicole, Imperial Beach

One of the best decisions I ever made was to hire Tears of Joy Video to create our 'family videos'. Not only did they do a great job, but working with them was incredibly easy! No kidding here... I simply mailed all my videos and pictures and they worked their magic.They did such a great job that I hired them again a year or so later... and I'm basically planning on having them create a new video for us every year or so. Everyone loves the videos, especially our children and it's one of the best investments I've ever made.
Jesse, Springfield, MD

Whether you are the proud owner of a cat or a dog, one of the most rewarding parts of the journey is watching their antics. However, no matter how hard you try, you never seem to be able to catch those moments just right, therein comes the beauty of the wonderful video that Tears of Joy Video did for me with my two cats. I now have, forever, a video of them at play, at rest or just hanging out, not just pictures but real action. Doing this is an investment you will never regret.

I love my video, I watch it all the time!
Kelsey, 10 years old, Murrieta CA

The culmination of a multi-year project, the construction of a beautiful new community to care for those with Alzheimer's or dementia, was the video produced by Tears of Joy Video! Capturing the year-long construction phase, from clearing the land to opening the doors, Tears of Joy Video brought the experience to life for those who weren't able to be there day by day. And for those of us who were involved day-to-day, it brought back memories of all the work that went into the project. It is so fun to re-live it. At our Grand Opening, we showed the video on a 50" plasma TV for all our guests, and they could not stop raving about it...everyone LOVED it! We still play it in our Marketing Suite for all to see. And copies were made for those closely associated with the project, much to their delight. It's truely a great way to show your appreciation.
Carolyn B., Encinitas, CA


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Reviews from our Network

"  I'm amazed at all that you offer here. I've been looking through your site for the last hour, making notes for future projects and for items I want to pass on to my clients. You must have so much fun working with people to help them preserve their memories in such creative ways."
Irvine, CA
http://www.ocsitters.net   .

"Tear of Joy was very easy to navigate. I enjoyed the stories that others have shared. There were so many topics to choose from. I even submitted a story about the black bears that come through my property. This is a site that will keep you clicking and, reading what others wrote. It is nice to share other peoples lives and, dreams. I really enjoyed my visit there."
Naples, FL
Cheryl's Gifts2Go  .

Awesome website with a wealth of information for all to read! As women in business / networking the key is to bond with each other! Thanks again for sharing your website!
Bridgeport, CT

What a wonderful gift!
Tears of Joy Video is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to laugh, smile and cry while sharing life's most touching memories.
Meri Yardley
Terra Firma Cosmetics

Five Stars Plus!
Professionalism, Courtesy, Knowledge, Integrity, Trust and Experience. These are all qualities you can expect from Tears Of Joy Video. A business is only a good as the people who make it up and you can expect these qualities from Tears Of Joy Video. We are thankful to have their services available to the public. Try them and you will be pleasantly surprised!
John M. DeGuenther, M.Ed. (UCLA),
Administrative Studies, New York Jewelry, LLC,
http://www.diamondsofnewyork.com   .

Simply The Best
Tears Of Joy Video is a huge cut above the rest. Every time I see their work, I am so impressed. I consider it a great honor to be associated with them. I would recommend them highly!
http:http://www.pictureamoment.com/   .

Michael and I travel the country and do consulting jobs and coaching and spend time with family and friends whenever and wherever. We are currently in Scranton, PA on a job that will soon end and we will be heading to a seminar in San Diego (Fallbrook actually).
I love what you are doing and would love to see more and learn more. What you are doing is amazing and beautiful. I too have lost several family members in the last couple of years. Honest to heavens I do appreciate what you are doing so very much. What a blessing and many tears of joy!

Thanks for sharing so much and helping so many people to preserve and acknowledge those memories they cherish.
Live, Love, Laugh! and cry tears of joy!
Alexandra Barrett
Scranton, PA

Tears of Joy is an awesome site to have your memories of your loved ones past or present they will process them in a very tasteful and beautiful way, they offer highquality customer service, So check them out today

Beautiful Work
Tears of Joy Video does beautiful work and will bring you and your family lovely memories. With your family photos, videos add some will research music just right for your video. Tears of Joy video can turn it all into a lifetime of memories.
I am a girl designs

Thank you
Thank you for accepting my invite, I look forward to working with you and telling every one about your company, I think it is wonderful.

Again Thank You,

Candle Delight Fundraisers

Great Website
Thanks for the connection! Your website is wonderful and your work looks outstanding.
Mission EMB

What a unique idea
I watched some of your videos and equating them to my past, it brought a smile and a few tears. These collections of video clips and pictures brought together to tell a story is something everyone would love to have and treasure ~ I know I would. Thank you for coming up with such an original idea and sharing it with us all. I'll be back to check out your pricing, I know my parents who are in their 80's would love to receive one of these family videos to watch over and over again.
Our Enchanted Children

You deserve 6 stars!
You deserve 6 Stars! Let's keep those special memories alive with Tears of Joy video!
You've got Style

Great Company
I highly recommend this company. In this age of technology, video is the way to go! Telling stories is the best way to get customers because they can identify with you and video gives them a "face" so they are further connected with you.
Diane Kolessar-Berl
Vitamark-Fountain Hill

Must See Videos!
I love the way you put still images together to form a moving work of art. If you're looking to preserve yourfamily historyor memories this is the company.
Rile Products

When only the best will do!
For absolute best in video montage, Tears Of Joy Video is truly the best! They will make your photo or video a memory that you will cherish for a lifetime.
Sewphisticated Elegance

Great Newsletter and touching website
Really a nice website! Keep up the good work, and I know you will become even more successful.
The Castlecourt.com

What a treasure to have!

What you're doing is amazing. I hope that so many people use you for their memories & stories. Also, it is great to see you support Women-Owned Businesses such as our jewelry, and all the others. I plan to show my mother your website & gather up all her photos & ideas for a video.
Rothstein Jewelers of Beverly Hills

Connecting Priceless Moments
On a daily basis we pray we don't get that call that announces our last grandparent, our children's great-grandmother, has said her final good-bye. I thank God daily for a business like Tears of Joy Video because no matter how many priceless moments you fondly remember when looking through photos, such as the ones we have of the children with her, nothing beat knowing that those moments can be preserved and shared for many more years to come!
So stop pulling out all those shoeboxes of pictures or wondering where they are when they aren't in the photo album that you thought they were...call today to have a lifetime of love & joy at your fingertips!
Continued Blessings & Prosperity to you Tears of Joy!

Kay McFadden
Prosperity Travel & Tours

Just what people need!
So many people have this type of issue. Anyone can find someone to snap the picture. But what do you do with them once you have them? Or after years of having them collect dust how can you bring them into the new age of technology. Here it is folks. They do great work and I would truly recommend them to anyone. If you haven't checked out there main website you should stop by; you won't want to miss it!
Night Time Computers

Great Website
I've seen some of the montage videos and they are awesome. Lovin' all the information you have.
1 stop shopping for moms

Beautiful Website
What a beautiful website. Tears of Joy is a very appropriate name for the work that you do. I will pass your site on to friends, family and contacts. Thank you for making me part of your network.
R. Morgan and Associates

Heartfelt Videos!
She has a gift! Be sure to check out her website!
Forever Engraved

Great Work
Hi Tears Of Joy,
Does great work, they know what they are talking about. I am looking forward to working with them on a regular basis.

ITV Adventures

The joys of a lifetime
The photos in the attic, the video of their first dance in a drawer, your wedding photos not seen for 25 years.Now think of a creation to combine your life, your family and the experiences of a lifetime into a story that will bring laughter, joy and tears to everyone who views it. If that sounds good, then pick up the phone and start the process. We believe in Natural solutions: RDI
Ramsay Distributing

Nice Package Options
I love the services that your unique business has to offer. You have a nice variety of packages to choose from, even for people with a small budget.
Laura of Acne FYI

Great idea!
This is the best way to put together all those photos that are just on the computer or somewhere in an album! You have to check out their website for all the samples.
Zayna's Cuts for Kids

Great Idea!
Very creative use of technology to help capture an inovative and fun display of information for all occasions! The samples in your gallery were amazing! I'm excited to use your services in the future!
Ed Excel Tutoring

This is a great idea
This is such a great idea - can't imagine a better one for making and keeping memories!! You have got to check them out.
Candles Boutiques and Gifts

Memories are priceless
Nothing is more important than your memories -- and adding some spice to them is even better! What a great service!!
No Streak Clothes

What a novel idea
I must say it is a great novel idea that Tears of Joy are using. They are taking your memories and putting them in video format for everyone to know more about you. I think they should put a twist on it and do it for business too. Showing business strength and growth so you can show to potential customers or even regular customers so they can add their own piece to the story line. I will be calling to talk soon.
Excel Billing Services

Creative Imagining
I love that you do photo montages or slideshows-taking your pictures/video, slides or home movies and combining them with music, titles, and transitions to tell a story! I have heard of services but never ran across anyone offering them. Very creative
JCW Enterprises

Outstanding videos
Very Professional, outstanding videos
JK Flowers

Wonderfully creative videos & montages!
Debra Pasquale Photography

Tears of Joy
What a wonderful way of capturing happy memories of our life and that of our love ones and friends - priceless. I viewed some of your videos and read your About Us page on your website. Memories of my mother who recently passed away flooded my mind - how wonderful it is to see all the happy memories, which can sometimes overcome the sorrow of the ones we lost. Thank you.

Highly Recommended
What a fantastic way to share your event or show someone how much you love them. A video montage from Tears of Joy Video can do that and more, what a great business to work with!

A Gift to treasure
Want a unique and personal gift? You can find it here at Tears of Joy Video. Each video is custom made and personalized for each client. A sure gift to bring joy for years to come. Check them out!
Candles, gifts and more

A master piece!
They create master pieces out of your family memories and make everyones pictures and video look professional. They do great work and make dreams a joy to watch.
Stacey's Gift Shop

Tears of Joy Video's
Tears Of Joy Video ~ I had the pleasure of checking out some of your videos.. You do a fantastic job of putting peoples precious family memories together. Each one set to the perfect piece of music. From someone's 50TH Anniversary & Another family's Grand Children. All beautifully done.
Wishing you the Best,
Donna R. Grimes
A Classie Internet Based Lingerie & Gifts

Love your pet video
I think all the videos created are super.. the pet video stole my heart
Sherry's pampered pet parlor

5 Stars and 2 thumbs up!
Great service that you provide. As we get older these things are so important. After you hit 40 you start wnating to know more about yourfamily history. What a great way to share those details. Get out there and see these people. You will regret if you don't. Great job everybody
Weight loss and wellness coach

Love your work
I love your videos. They really tell a story. Just wanted to thank you for letting me be a part of the women owned business. I want to wish all of our women good luck and success through out the year.
Jamie Moore
Gi Gi's Bonne Vie candles

Great Service!
Haven't seen one like this. I am going to check it out further, be in touch with you. I am very excited this is a wonderful service for those of us that just aren't able to do this for ourselves. WOW!
Shop at Karen's

Great Site!
Great site...my mom was just talking about transitioning a video of my grandparents wedding. Great to know you are around!

Tears of Joy Video's
My wife and I love your site and all of the many creative aspects of your videos. We have really enjoyed your informative newsletters and the manymarketing ideasyou have shared. We wish you continued success.
Jeff and Eloisa
Dedicated Domestics.

Enjoy your newsletter
I enjoy reading your monthly newsletter which full of great stories and offers from you and many other vendors. It's obviously that everyone can benefit from your great services.
Express Imprints

Wonderful Idea!
Great video! There are so many uses for this type of service. Weddings, birthdays, parties, any special occasion. Can even use it to chronicle someone's life. Love it!
C and H Specialties

Your videos appear to be awesome! As parents and photographers, we know how important it is to capture memories. Photographs, plus music, rolled into video, totally equals "tears of joy". What a fantastic service you offer folks!
Condidas Creative Works

The Best
Everyone has already said it all. Very professional web site, fair pricing and i'll be using your services for a project i have in mind. Great stuff
Laura of Jadis Jewelry.

There are no other words to describe what you do. Great to have you on board the network.
Happy Hearts

Great Site
Just the pics and ideas from the site makes me want to re-marry my husband just for the video. The site has given me a lot of ideas for my dads old pics. I must have thousands of pics, mostly of people I don't know but this seems like a good way to preserve them.
Mama Kay's

Incredible Site
Hi Cathie,
Wow I was very impressed with your site. The services you offer are wonderful. I have companies who own baby services and stores that i will be passing your site on to. Look forward to connecting!!

Myndi Estrin

Great Website
I spent some time viewing your website, looking at your different packages and viewing samples. What a great service and your pricing is fair. Your service can make wonderful gifts for any occasion. I will certainly be recommending your site to my friends and family.
Give me jewels

Terrific Videos!
I just viewed a sample of Cathie's videos and I'm thrilled! Her work is inspired. Upbeat, imaginative--captures the mood, perfectly. I'm really looking forward to working with her on future projects.
Susan Molthop in Cottonwood, CA
Pet expo

Great Service
These ladies are great! I am not even in the same time zone and they are willing to help my clients & myself to get that extra special presentation for any occasion. Wide variety of packages & prices paired friendly service and a welcoming environment make Tears Of Joy a winner
Events by Morningstar

Pictures say a million words and they holdsso many memoriesfor us , so let Tears of Joy put your old photos on video that you can cherish down through the years and for all your generations to see.

You want a company with quality experience to handle your memories. Call Tears Of Joy today

Absolutely Wonderful
This is a must have, for weddings, anniversaries, special occasion and any memory you want to keep and share. Tears of Joy will astound you with their videos and professional service. Their company is a work of art.
The Hollywood pet resort

Tears of Joy Video is amazing! Take a look at their website and you can see that they love what they do. Touching memories, captured for you forever by Tears of Joy Video.
Call them!

Creative Forces

Great Videos
Thanks for adding me to your network and you'll be hearing from me soon, the pictures I was talking about are really old so I have to get the right kind of packaging to be able to ship them. Some of them date back over 80 years and are very delicate, but I'm so thrilled you can do them, I'll be absolutely sure to tell everyone I know in my family. It's going to take a little time, But I plan on having this done for my parents before Thanksgiving so I can give it to them as a Christmas present. Thank you so much and I'll keep you posted.
Ann Marlow

Awesome Service!
You do not have to wait to have a big event to make wonderful memories. Everyday is a blessed memory. Let Tears of Joy create your everyday memory! It's an awesome business. Stop hiding all those beautiful pictures in boxes. Visit their website, you will not be disappointed.
Stuffed by us

Must see to appreciate
Julie and Cathy of Tears of Joy Video know how to breathe life into their videos and draw the viewer in making him or her feel emotionally a part of the story they have created.
Susan Gumm
Art by Susan Gumm

Outstanding Video
I was absolutley blown away at what awesome work is done by Tears of Joy! It is so amazing to see still photos come alive and even better to see video placed among all the stills. Tears of Joy is not only run and operated by wonderful people, but you can rest assured that the outcome of your purchase is not only professional, but will leave you with even more vivid memories! I give them an A+++
Kay May

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