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Our Customers


Our customers are very precious to us, because they have taken the time to examine our work and picked us out of all our competitors to create a product that will be treasured by their family for years to come.

Even though we have not met all of our customers face to face, when we start on a project for them we begin to know them intimately as we create their life with their pictures and home movies. We realize the heavy responsibility that we take on to take those pictures and tell that story as if it was our own. We also realize the trust you must have with us, first to handle your precious memories and get them back to you in one piece and second to take these memories and be able to tell your story. We take that responsibility seriously. We feel it is a privileged to be invited in to the lives of others and get to know them in this way and we do our best to give you a product you will be proud to show over and over again to friends and family. We feel the product is not done until you have approved the video and are completely happy with the results.

Because of this attitude we get nothing but praise from our customers. Each and every time they come back and tell us how much our videos touched their hearts. The most common responses we get is "it was better than I ever imagined" and "I think mine is the best work you have done". We kind of laugh at the last one, because of course theirs will be the best, because it has  their pictures in it. This praise warms our hearts. It is a wonderful thing to be a part of a business that brings happiness to so many people.

Lastly we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for picking Tears of Joy Video to create your life movie and giving us the honor of knowing you.


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