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Who gets the family pictures and films?



Going through divorce is a stressful experience.  Emotions are high as couples work out the division of assets.  But one of the assets that many times get overlooked is the family photographs, home movies and other personal mementos like children’s artwork or schoolwork.  These items represent the family’s memories of people and places they visited in happier times. Pictures or movies for example of their children growing up are considered irreplaceable and are part of their personal family history.  Because of the emotion attached to the items, dividing up these items is next to impossible.  Basically these items consist of the following:


q       Printed loose pictures or in albums or scrapbooks

q       Digital pictures

q       Video in VHS, beta, HI8, mini DV

q       DVD’s of home movies

q       Digital video files

q       Super8 or 8mm movie reels

q       Slides

q       Negatives

q       Children’s artwork, schoolwork or report cards

q       Family paper awards, certificates or licenses


Just because the couple separated doesn’t mean they don’t want to keep these treasures of their past when times were happier.  More importantly it is important both have access to the pictures to share with children or others. Their pictures and home movies of their children are their family history and they will want to have access in the future as their children grow and have children of their own.


Tears of Joy Video can scan pictures or items and organize digital files on a Disk or flash drive and then provide one for each party involved. Family films can be transferred or copied to DVD disk or created as computer video files and placed on a flash drive.  Again two copies can be supplied for both people. 


We are local, and can provide this service to attorneys within San Diego County and parts of South Orange County.  We offer free pickup and delivery of all materials.  Digital pictures and video clips can be delivered on a flash drive or uploaded to our site.  (Video files need to be under 2GB to upload to our site).  When we are done we deliver the finished product to you to distribute to each party.  We present an invoice that can be paid as part of the divorce proceedings.


Our prices are very competitive with other scanning houses out there, but we give each job more of a personal touch as we take time to go through each picture and crop it and examine it for clarity.  All scanning is done at 600 dpi. Below is a price list and order form.  Please fill out a form with each order.  We can provide you with file boxes to place pictures and movies for transport.


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