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Family History Video


One of the best ways to share your family history is to create a montage of your pictures, video and memorabilia to tell the story of your family members and your life. It is a family heirloom you can pass down for generations to come.  It gives a family a sense of belonging, of family togetherness, as they watch their family history pass by on the screen and see relatives they may or may not be familiar with be explained to them from the relatives that knew and loved them.  It can trace the family tree and help you connect how you are related to various family members. This is perfect forfamily reunions or as a gift to one family member to another.


See What Our Customer Say: 


"Cathie and Juli Dodd from Tears of Joy Video, have created many family histories for our families, whether it was recreating our annualfamily reunions in video albums or marching through time in honor of our anniversaries or memorials to our loved ones that are sleeping in death. They have created beautiful memory montages for us, tastefully done, enhanced with appropriate music and verbage. We laugh, we cry, we remember. Juli and Cathie's mother, Jeannine, was our family's historian. She kept all the cute things our children and family members said and did safely in her memory and shared them often with us as an accomplished story teller. Sadly, many of those stories have been lost with her death. But the girls have followed admirably in her steps helping us to document in film and video the continuing family history. With their help the memories live on! We very much appreciate the skill, creativity, tenderness and love with which they care for our cherished family memories, both past and present."
Kathie and Paul Akers

Songs Used in Above Video

  1. Smoke gets in your eyes by the Platters
  2. You must of been a beautiful baby by Bing Crosby
  3. Three little fishes