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We’ve all experienced the loss of a loved one. The memorial video montage honors the life of that special individual by showing him or her as we remember them with the family and friends that were a part of their life. This video montage can be a touching tribute at the memorial service and as a keepsake for family members. It can bring you solice to play the video when you are missing the one you love. As one widow put it, "It like having a visit with my husband." It can also be a tool to introduce this family member to future family members who never met them.


What our customers say: 

"I was first introduced to Cathie's work through a friend of mine who hired her to do a memory video of her husbands life which was shown after his funeral services. The raw emotions of joy and love in that room while everyone viewed was amazing. I knew right away that I had to meet this person. Shortly thereafter when my grandma died and we needed something that would bring the family together in this time of crisis. Having everyone select photos that they thought would be used for a photo album and Cathie making sacrifices to get everything done in such a small window of time again was amazing. Cathie, thanks so much for your touching artistic skill in how you and your company put the whole project together in a time when the family needed someone outside to step up and help us. Thanks Again, you are awesome, keep up the great work"
Vern Lovett


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  1. 100 years by Five for Fighting