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Photo Montage or Slideshow Packages


A photomontage or slideshow allows you to see your pictures in an entirely new way. Nothing touches the heart more than pictures set to music. When you add movement to those pictures it makes them come alive. Arranging them in a way to tell a story creates lasting impression for friends and family. A photomontage is an excellent way to celebrate any special occasion. Here is a list of montage ideas  for parties or special keepsakes.

Can’t I do this myself?

Maybe you're thinking,  I could do this, or I have a friend that could create this for me. It is true, there are many people out there with programs where they place the pictures in the program and the program creates a slide show for them. You may have sat through a slide show like this yourself at event, wondering if it was ever going to end. Maybe you're thininking I could create a custom video, but do you have the time and patience to learn how to create an entertaining video for your event? Tears of Joy Video creates custom videos, they tell a story, and they entertain your friends and family. We have been to many events where when the video was over, they played it again at the audience demand. We help you celebrate life, and yes we bring our clients tears of joy.



So what is it like having a video created by Tears of Joy Video?

From the moment we take on a project we put our heart and soul into the project. We take time either by email or phone to talk with each client to get the vision for the project, and then we set to work on their video. As we work on it, we create a link for you to watch the progress of their video. Before it goes on to DVD we make sure our client is happy with the outcome. Each of our clients love the fact that they felt a part of the video every step of the way.


How do we differ from our competitors?

We have years of experience focusing on only slideshows  

We present entertaining quality videos personalized with our client’s vision  

We give you more value for your money. Most videos comes with:  

  1. DVD in custom case with menu 
  2. USB Flash drive with video file to play on digital devices 
  3. A private link for a month on our website to share video with family and friends