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Tribute Video 

 Watch this sample below. This is a portion of a tribute video we did for a famous actress from the 1950’s


A Tears of Joy Tribute Montage is a video created to celebrate the life of someone you love. Show someone how much they mean to you by creating a their own special life movie.  Share their highs, their lows, their accomplishments, and their interest.  This is great for a special occasion or milestone in your loved ones life.  Our clients have used this type of video for going away parties, retirement parties, for mothers and fathers day, for birthday parties or to pay tribute to a special teacher or other important person in their life. It will be a gift that will be enjoyed for years, and watched over and over again.  It’s the gift that celebrates the person and their life. 

Pricing-Montage only

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What our customers say:

"I moved away from Southern California after twenty years and my friends threw a going away bash for me. Tears of Joy Video was right there and artfully captured some of my favorite pictures and expressions of people who mean so much to me. I love watching the montage; it is a real heart message! Thanks Tears of Joy for keeping my California family as close as a DVD in my living room despite 2300 miles between us!"

Nikki, Ohio.

"The party was great. I showed the video to Ed, and all of our kids and Ryan's 3 college friends Friday night. Ed was amazed. The kids loved seeing themselves and us when we were younger. His reaction was mouth dropped open , I can't believe this. He loves the video. The audience was in awe too. Then we showed it at the party last night. The friends and neighbors just loved it, we were all laughing and enjoying the songs and memories that it evoked. I got allot of positive feedback and they just loved seeing the early years of Ed and our family. Ed is very pleased; He will probably call and thank you himself."

 Songs Used in Above Video

  1. Baby Take a bow by James Dunn and Shirley Temple
  2. There is no business like show business by Bing Crosby