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The 5 Top Reasons to Have A Wedding Montage Created for your Wedding

1) It’s a great way to celebrate your life together
2) It will make your dad cry and he will remember how much he loves his little girl, and not how much this wedding is costing him
3) It is so much fun to look at your baby pictures with your friends and family, even if some are embarrassing
4) It brings everyone in attendance together
5) It is a keepsake you can watch again and again long after the wedding is over

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Creating a video after the wedding

What Our Customers Say

"Tears of Joy created a video montage for my son's wedding rehearsal that helped set the mood for the celebration to follow. Using photos of my son and his fiancée from birth up to their engagement, they used unique transitions to create the wonderful story of two people meant to be soul mates. Family and friends were included in the pictures and enjoyed the montage as much as the parents did. It was the perfect mood setting for the wedding the next day. Tears of Joy added to one of the most special moments in our lives."
Sylvia-Encinitas, CA


"I decided to show theslide showimmediately after the rehearsal to the close friends and family and because we had very limited time at the reception. Jason definitely had tears in his eyes and quivering lips when he saw it. I have never once seen him cry, but this was the closest I've seen! He was very emotional when watching it. When I told him what the name of your company is he said "well...they definitely stay true to their name!"
Yasmeen and Jason,Orange County, CA


"The wedding was amazing! Thank you again for your wonderful work. Angela is tough to read ( she doesn't show a lot of emotion), but I think (and she said) that she really liked the DVD. We showed it on an old fashioned movie screen and the projector could have been better, but everyone was able to see it and there were plenty of oo's and ah's."
PS: Justin loved it!
Karen, La Costa, CA


 Songs Used in Above Video

  1. Someday my prince witll come by Anatacia 
  2. You make me feel so young by Frank Sinatra 
  3. Lady by STYX 
  4. I want to grow old with you by Adam Sandler