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Archiving Your Memories


Bring your memories into the 21st Century 

Videotapes, prints and slides all have a definite life span so getting those images onto a more stable DVD is essential. 

Photos, Slides, Negatives, and Document Scanning

Pictures, mementos and 35mm Slides Scanned to DVD 


  • Do you have your pictures in shoe-boxes where no one can see them?  
  • Maybe you're not even that organized, they are stuck in dresser drawers.  
  • Even if they are in albums, how much space do they take up?  
  • Do you hold on to letters, children’s schoolwork and artwork, but hate the space it takes?  
  • What would happen to your pictures and important papers if a fire or natural disaster happened?     

Items scanned in your choice of 300 or 600 DPI. Unlike big chain stores, we hand process every image for safekeeping, returning them to you in the same condition you gave them to us.


Pictures that are faded or have minor flaws will be corrected with the scanning.  Major picture editing will be charged extra if requested by you.  We give each picture individual attention for the best quality to you.


Items you might want to scan for safekeeping

·   Pictures

·   Slides

·   Paper Awards and Diplomas

·   Birth Certificates

·   Marriage Certificates

·   Letters

·   Post Cards

·   Cards

·   Newspaper Clippings

·   Family Recipes

·   Scrapbook pages

·   Report Cards

·   Children’s Artwork

·   Children’s Schoolwork


Film transferred to Digital

  • Transfer 8mm and 16mm film to DVD.  
  • Your film is cleaned and splices are repaired if necessary.  
  • Your images will be digitized and color corrected.  
  • You will receive your home movies on DVD and your original film returned on reel.  
  • Each reel of film we receive will be a separate chapter on your dvd.  

See sample

Video Tape to Digital


Transfer your old Beta, VHS, SVHS, Hi8 and Mini-DV tapes to Digital.  Transfer you DVD to digital file.



Cassette Tapes transferred to CD 





Cassettes Tape to Digital File or CD


Transfer CD to digital files to play on MP3 player, Ipod, Smart Phones or tablets.













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