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Family History 


Imagine if you could sit down tonight and put in a DVD of your great great-grandfather and hear him talk about his life, they things that he loved and the events in history that related to his life. Would you feel a direct connection to history?  With modern technology we can create that type of video.  Your personal experiences and the history you have seen in your lifetime, and how it affected you, could help you family and future generations connect with history.

I had a personal example of this in my life that I can share with you. My mom was a storyteller. She kept all the family stories alive in her mind.  Family members I never even met, were real to me because of her stories.  She also had all my stories; my personal history was in her mind and her heart.  When she died, I lost those stories and I lost my childhood.    

When my dad was in his 80’s he asked us to create his biography. This video was what sparked off this business.  (Read the full story here) Creating his history combined all my family stories, including my mom, my sister and I. It was our family's personal history, a celebration of our life, one of my most treasured possessions.  As he grew older my dad had problems forgetting his stories, but when we put in the video it would help him reconnect with his past again.  We lost him in 2009.  But whenever I miss him I stick in the video and there he is taking to me and telling me his stories again.  From my personal experience I know how valuable this type of video is to have for your family.  We have created ways below that you can create a biography or family history video at a very reasonable price. 

Family History Montage


This is your family history told with pictures and home movies.  With this type a video you can use pictures and titles to explain your family tree, or how people in your family are related to each other. Here is a portion of a family history video we created for one family. As an option for this type of video you can have a family member record a narration to tell the story behind the pictures. We can give you instructions on how to do this. 


To create this type of video click here


Biography or Autobiography DVD 


A biography or autobiography adds a video of you, a relative or friends telling their stories or the stories of a family member or friend.  Here are different types of biography videos you can do: 



This is a video of you telling your stories, sharing your life experiences, your memories, and your achievements. This is a wonderful way for others to learn from what you have experienced and to leave a part of you behind for your family and friends to remember you by. 


Your child’s story 

Parents hold their children’s history in their minds and hearts. They may have boxes of mementos they have kept over the years. Those mementos have stories connected to them. Record your memories and stories on video along with your child's pictures, home movies and mementos, creating your child's biography from the parents prospective. Have your grown children keep their childhood memories forever. 



This is a video created for a loved one about their life.  On this video you can include a combination of interviews.  You can interview them telling their story, and then you could add in family members and friends telling stories about your loved one.


If you want to keeps some ones memory alive after they die, and did not get a chance to record them telling their stories, another option is have family and close friends tell the stories and combine this with pictures and video of the person.  This is also a great option if you want to surprise someone with a biography video. 


See below the different ways you can record your stories and add them to a montage to make a biography or autobiography DVD.



  • Capture all those family stories on film

  • Share your children's stories with your grandchildren

  • Keep your stories alive for future generations

  • Give a tribute to someone you love

  • Keep a loved ones memory alife


With modern technology everyone has some type of video recording device, even if it is just your Iphone  We show you how to use those devices to record your stories, or the stories of the ones you love.  We show you how you can do this in this package.  With this package you will learn:

How to organize your materials and story line

  • What questions to ask 
  • What equipment you will need 
  • How to set up your equipment 
  • Tips on how to get a great interview on film 
  • What to do with the film after you are done 
  • Also included is a free consultation from us on how to personalize your video 

After you are done you can edit yourself or send you video and materials to us to put together.  See our montage packages for details on how we can create this for you.


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We do the filming 



If you live in San Diego County, Orange County or Riverside County you can set up an appointment for us to bring out our equipment and film you, your friends and/or you family members.


If you choose this option we spend time before the interview either by phone or in person talking about your vision for your biography. We formulate questions that will be used in the interview. Then we schedule a time for us to come out and film it at your location. Once these videos are done we add them to our montage packages.


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