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 Creating The Movies of Your Life


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Pictures, those printed or digital images that capture a special moment of your life or the life of someone you love. Pictures can tell our stories, they can capture our memories; they keep someone alive in our memory forever. With the addition of film or video clips we can add movement and the sounds of that moment. Now your wedding day, your baby's first steps, your child’s school play, are caught for all time for you to live over and over again. Tears of Joy Video takes all those special moments you have captured and create ways for you to share and keep those memories safe forever. This is what we can do for you.


Archiving Your Memories

The first step is to make sure all your pictures are archived and organized for safekeeping, for sharing with family and friends, and for using in creating your family stories. This means taking your captured memories and bringing them into the 21st century.


We create digital files of your memories.  This allows you to back them up on a external hard drive and upload them to cloud or online storage service. We scan your pictures, slides, negatives, and important documents. We transfer your home movie films or videotaped films and can create them into formats you can upload to the Internet and share with family. We can also take you cassette tapes that you created voice recordings of family and create them into mp3 digital formats.  We can teach you how to organize these along with our digal pictures taken with your camera and phone so you can find the files easily on your computer to share with others.


Once we have your memories in degital format, we can create them into family stories you can share with family, friends and future generations.  Continue reading to see what we can do...



Creating Your Family Stories

 Video Montage and Biographies

Our main focus since 2005 is creating your stories on video or DVD. Whether it is with a montage of pictures and video clips to music and titles; or a more elaborate biography video with recorded stories from your loved one or from friends and family with pictures. These videos make your pictures come alive. They become valued keepsakes of family stories that can be treasured long after your family member is no longer with you.


Montages can also be used to share a story at a happy occasion like a wedding, an anniversary, a graduation or other milestone in your loved ones life. Take a look at our Montage Ideas section for creating your stories. 

Story Books

Now that your pictures are in digital format we can help you create a printed story of your family or family member. These can be picture books with captions or you can write down your story and designate the pictures to go with them. Now your pictures are no longer just your memories, but they are written document of your life that family members can enjoy for years. This is also an excellent way to create a family tree. If you have access to family stories and how relatives are related, you can create a book that outlines this to help your family know where they came from. You have now become your family historian for future generations.


Storybooks are also great for grown children. You can record your memories of their upbringing along with their pictures to give them a printed book of their past.


These books also make great ways to create family albums: Your baby book, family yearbooks, your child’s sports pictures or displaying your children or grandchildren’s art or school work. If your child is learning to read, have us create a book about them with a story about them. We can even use Photoshop to put your child into the picture with their favorite super hero or Disney princess. Do you have family recipes you wish to share with your children? Why not create a family cookbook, with recipes and pictures of your dish and a picture of the family member who shared the recipe?


Printed books with pictures will always we cherished. Unlike photo albums, the pages stay nice, the pictures don’t come out and it takes less space as you can fit in one book what takes 3 albums to hold.


Professional Portraits and Videotaping

Offered in San Diego County and some areas of Riverside, Orange and La Counties on special request.



Are you the family member who takes your family pictures? You may take great pictures, but how many great pictures do you have with you in it? Tears of Joy Video can come out and update your family album or take pictures and video clips to add into your montage, biography or story/photo book. We take newborn pictures, children’s portraits, senior or graduation portraits, engagement portraits, pet portraits and family portraits.


Video Interviews

Would you like to add your stories, or stories from family and friends to your Montage or Biography video? Tears of Joy Video can create questions for you, come out and interview you, your friend or family members. Then we can edit these into your story.


Party Photo Booth Video and Photography

Would you like to get some great shots of your guest at the party? Maybe some pictures of your party decorations? Would you like to get some video clips of the highlights of the party, maybe the dancing or speeches? Would you like to get a few interviews and well wishes at the party? Would you like to have a photo booth where guest can have fun with silly props and fun backgrounds? Invite Tears of Joy Video to come to the party. We will capture special moments in pictures and on video and then afterwards they can be placed in a book or on a video. If you had a montage done for the party we can create both together on the same DVD.


For our customers who create montages with us we also offer projection services in the San Deigo area.







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